Contemporary Australian Design: Creativity Applied to Everyday Things and Collectibles

A lecture presented by Simone LeAmon to the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society.

Presenting a collection of 22 items designed between 1985-2012 across the production modes of the one-off collectible, prototype, limited edition and mass production, Simone set the stage for a cultural investigation of contemporary Australian design. Sharing the stories, meaning and messages embedded in the selected works, Simone proposed that contemporary Australian design displays five distinct characteristics: Openness, informality, inventiveness, seriousness, and irony culminating in a celebration of freedom, diversity and quality of life.

And the ADFAS members loved it!

The Design Collection 1985-2012

G’Day chair. 1988. Designers Chris Connell and Brian Sayer. Manufacturer Central Foundry (Aust).

Jeannie Bench. 2000. Designer Khai Liew. Commissioned Government of South Australia.

Squash bowl. 2007. Designer Nick Rennie. Designer’s Prototype.

Cohncave bowl. 1992. Designer Susan Cohn. Manufactured by Alessi (Italy),

Birdsmouth table. 2011. Designer Adam Goodrum. Limited Edition for Broached Commissions (Aust).

XXL table. 2010. Designer Karen Casey in collaboration with McConaghy Boats (Aust). Limited Edition.

Briggs Family Tea Service. Designer: Trent Jansesn. Limited Edition for Broached Commissions (Aust).

Foam Boys Tea Set. 2011. Designer Justine Smith in collaboration with Chunk design. Limited Edition

Lockheed lounge. 1985. Designer Marc Newson. Limited Edition.

Qantas A380 Interior. 2003. Designer Marc Newson.

Nickel surfboard. 2010. Designer Marc Newson. Limited edition.

Jet table. 2008. Designer Brodie Neil. Commissioned Swavorski, one-off.

Alessi Tea and Coffee Tower. 2003. Designer Tom Kovac. Edition of 99. Manufacturer Alessi (Italy).

Jet Stream lounge. 2008. Designer Korban/Flaubert. Manufacturer Korban/Flaubert.

Calypso lounge. 2008. Designer Jon Goulder. Manufacturer Jon Goulder.

Stitch chair. 2004. Designer Adam Goodrum. Manufacturer Cappellini (Italy).

Cardboard Furniture. 2006. Designer Anthony Dann. Manufacturer PaperTiger (Aust).

Natural Grain Kite Stool. 2011. Blakebrough + King. Limited Edition.

Husque bowl. 2004. Designer Marc Harrison. Manufacturer Husque (Aust).

SPK bowl. 2012. Designer Berto Pandolfo. Designer Prototype.

Lepidoptera chair. 2009. Designer Simone LeAmon. Designer Prototype.

Panier stool. 2012. Designer Helen Kontouris.

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