Core77 Design Awards 2014


New York City, USA – On 19 June, CARTER LeAMON was awarded a Professional Notable Award in the Interiors and Exhibitions category for the Core77 Design Awards 2014 program for the project: Melbourne Now Design Wall.

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards (NY) features 17 categories of entry. From client work to self-initiated projects, entrepreneurial to pro-bono engagements, the Core77 Design Awards embrace a diverse range of enterprise: commercial, cultural, social, environmental and edifying – making this the most inclusive and celebratory design awards platform of the digital age.

Speaking on the Melbourne Now Design Wall the jury commented:

“The simple and environmentally-sound mounting system allows for open-ended curatorial narratives, with high visual impact. The scale and format of the wall installation challenges the didactic nature of the piece, which is then accompanied by a digital interface. The election process of objects is also carefully considered. And it looks great! – Hayley Eber

This deceptively simple display system results in a visually complex and truly eye-catching interior, and the serial repetition of everyday objects lends them a museological character. When basic design gestures have huge results, you know you’re doing something right. – Geoff Manaugh”

This year’s Interiors and Exhibitions jury team was based in New York City and consisted of Geoff Manaugh, Jake Barton, Hayley Eber, Yen Han and Michi Yanagishta. The Interiors and Exhibitions category acknowledges spatial design as it relates to physical interiors, exhibitions or installations, either permanent or temporary, and to any context.

A truly global effort, the Awards program embraces a fresh and transparent judging process. A selection of international design leaders, based in various cities around the world, served as jury captains. Each of these individuals recruited judging partners to work with them on a particular design category. These teams judged simultaneously in different locations and time zones worldwide, and then participated in a live broadcast in their home city announcing the honorees.

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