Miniatures and Multiples

Miniatures and Multiples at Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Exhibition dates: Friday 1st April – Sunday 1st May 2011.
Responding to the global trend for one-off and limited edition design collectibles Spiro Grace Art Rooms are performing a critical role in showcasing the design production of leading creatives from Australia and the Asia Pacific. Opening on the 1st of April Miniatures and Multiples will launch SGAR’s miniatures line – an exclusive collection of small one-of-a kind and limited production artifacts by 18 invited artists/designers.

Featuring Works by Simone LeAmon, Chris Bosse, Alexander Lotersztain, Korban Flaubert, Kaori Kato, Grace Tan, Tegan Empson, Katrina Tyler, Matt Dwyer, Kent Gration, Fukutoshi Ueno, Charles Robb, Donna Marcus, Reko Rennie, Stuart Williams, Alister Yiap, Giles Alexander and Christina Waterson – The Miniatures Collection highlights the convergence of art and design through intimate scale artefacts and limited edition keepsakes.

The Miniatures Collection is available exclusively at SGAR for limited edition purchase.

Top image: Simone LeAmon. I Wish No. 5, Limited Edition candle holder in bronze.

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