Prototyping: Making Ideas

JamFactory Craft and Design Centre

Curated by Margaret Hancock Davis, Prototyping: Making Ideas is an exhibition that highlights the exceptional prototyping skills developed by Australian designers, demonstrating the journey of some of their most successful products from idea, to sketch, to prototype, to final product. Through the development of prototypes, the hands-on skills of designer/makers and the relationships between designers and artisans are highlighted. The exhibition illustrates how important the prototyping process is to testing and refining a successful product.

Amongst the numerous prototypes on display Ricotta and La Prima Ballerina by Simone LeAmon for Rakumba make a striking contribution. The second project to evolve from the Rakumba Design Collaborations La Prima Ballerina stands over two metres tall and is a reworking of the traditional Ballerina lampshade. Due for release in 2012 La Prima Ballerina is ‘haute couture’ for lighting. Hand sewn and executed, the feature shade requires a team of Rakumba’s most experienced craftswomen to construct. La Prima Ballerina is made to order.

Prototyping: Making Ideas features projects by DANIEL EMMA (SA), Adam Goodrum (NSW), Illumni (SA), Trent Jansesn (NSW), Koskela (NSW), Simone LeAmon (VIC), Rohan Nicol (NSW), John Quan (SA), Elliat Rich (NT), Bjorn Rust (QLD), Andrew Simpson (NSW) and Oliver Smith (NSW).

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