The Designer as Storyteller

A creative masterclass for design practitioners presented by Simone LeAmon

A series of creative masterclasses organised by the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia offers design professionals a range of intensive full-day design sessions with master practitioners. Designer and artist Simone LeAmon lead the first masterclass “The designer as storyteller” on 9 September.

Exploring how narrative and storytelling can enhance creativity and the design process,The designer as storyteller provided design practitioners with a chance to step out of the office and into the unknown, prompting designers to stop and think about the way they design. Presenting some useful design methodologies and frameworks, Simone illustrated how designers who knowingly use narrative in their design process have the capacity to uncover and embed meaning in the planning, production and delivery of design. Providing examples where narrative has been used to develop design for products, architecture, landscape and curatorial programs, the role of the designer is extended to that of storyteller – and design and design process is spoken of as an adventure.

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