Archives: July, 2011

10 Jul
How We Create at Saturday Indesign 2011

Live manufacturing by Palamont Rota A Saturday InDesign hot-spot for home-grown innovation in manufacturing District 01 hosted a spirited display of new products from Palamont, Ambius, The Container Connection and Rakumba. A highlight of the Saturday InDesign program, District 01 was home to the How We Create initiative featuring the live manufacture of miniature planters

10 Jul
Rakumba Design Collaborations

Rakumba Design Collaborations launches designs by Simone LeAmon Launched over two premier design and trade events in Melbourne and Sydney, the Rakumba Design Collaborations releases Project 01: Ricotta by Simone Leamon 2011. When Simone LeAmon and the managing director of Rakumba Lighting Michael Murray met in 2009 they hatched a unique idea for a design