Supersystem – Concept for 5 Products

A Supersystem Concept for 5 Products: Post Object Confessions, consists of five product designs.

Digital visualisations and text
Simone LeAmon and Daryl Munton
Presented Gallery 1000 Eventi, Salone del Mobile Milan 2005

A Supersystem Concept for 5 Products: Post Object Confessions, consists of five product designs derived from a design methodology that reduces a parent object (the Ducati 916 motorcycle) to pure volume – and reconceptualises it in the forms of a time-piece, light, kettle, clutch and daybed. Each design is accompanied by a narrative text titled Post Object Confession and video footage of a related performance (i.e. Headlight / Kissing Moto) in which LeAmon is caught in a space of wanting, longing and yearning.

A Supersystem Concept for 5 Products is part autobiographical and part design proposal, resulting in a suite of lifestyle products embedded with emotion and meaning.

Post Object Confession #1 / Cuff

Eltham lies at the end of the Eastern freeway. A suburb known for its bushy surrounds I once saw a snake, a peacock and big red kangaroo in our street.

On a good run you could drive to the city in forty minutes, in peak-hour it could take twice the time. But regardless of the direction I travelled – be it south to the city or eastbound for home, my dreams, hopes and wishes were to be found on another road.

And in time I learnt this.


Post Object Confession #2 / Headlight

In the dark on a lonely ocean road a girl is caught in the bright light cast from an oncoming vehicle. Stunned like an Australian marsupial she is blinded by the light and is slow to jump out of the way. So she closes her eyes, holds her breath and waits for the blinding light to pass and trusts that soon she will see clearly again. But the girl is disoriented. She cannot hold back the light from behind her eyelids and her night becomes day and day becomes night.

A girl better known for wearing cool city attire she was wearing a black bikini, sunscreen and sandals when struck.

In recovery the girl purchased a nightlight and stuck it on her head to cast a dazzling light of her own.


Post Object Confession #3 / Clutch

How do you cope with disappointment? Do you retreat, seek the comfort of a friend, drink, shop or throw yourself into work?

Taking her disappointment to the street, she couldn’t find the right dress, pair of shoes or drug to fill the void. She dreamt of getting on a beautiful red motorcycle and riding to the mountains but, she didn’t have one. With her disappointment growing she had to do something to bring her smile back.

In a city where fewer things are more tantalising than a glance from a handsome man in well-cut suit, she recalled the affair that had lead her back to this place. Amused, she now saw him on every Ducati, Honda, Yamahah, Suzuki and Motto Guzzi at every intersection in Milan – and Melbourne. And she thought that just maybe, happiness was again within her grasp.


Post Object Confession #4 / Daybed

Comfort like love is yet another position from which we negotiate our existence.

And the obtainment of comfort (like love) can be addictive. But the consumption of things that meet, replace or momentarily service our various desires exist in the company of their inevitable collapse. Just like some functional objects which are programmed to fail in the life of the individual.

But, what of love?


Post Object Confession #5 / Little Kettle

A strange kettle of fish – some things are better left unsaid.

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