not-yet-junk @ PinUp

not-yet-junk by Simone LeAmon

PinUp Architecture and Design Project Space
Exhibition dates: 10 March – 30th April 2011

A Work made specifically for inaugural exhibition at PinUp Architecture and Design Gallery in Collingwood not-yet-junk incorporates cardboard waste retrieved from the South Melbourne produce market. The mechanism of compressing cardboard is practiced in the waste management and recycling industry. not-yet-junk is an experimental art/design work that asks us to consider the stock of matter accumulating on Earth and our processing of it. The Work draws our attention to the value residing in discarded materials and implores us to reconsider our relationship to waste.

The First Show is the inaugural exhibition at PinUp a new independent architecture and design project space in Melbourne run by creative studio ‘Something Together’. With participating architects and designers presenting unique models, one-off constructions and visuals the curatorial brief encouraged twenty leading design studios to reveal the ‘moment’ when they arrived as a creative individual/practice. For many, this meant communicating the influences and concerns underpinning their design thinking and design process. In addition, each design practice was issued with a simple pack of cardboard boxes. Working with this modest, singular material, the box/es formed ‘the exhibition space’ for each practice. In Melbourne where design creatives are renown for embedding ideas and arguments in all things including buildings, furniture, fashion and cardboard boxes, The First Show @ PinUp resulted in a cultural investigation of design – how it enables, enriches and engages with our daily lives.

Simone LeAmon. not-yet-junk. Compressed cardboard bale, Corian, nylon, 24 carat gold leaf.

not-yet-junk is available in limited edition.

Simone would like to thank Cleanevent Australia and Classic Solid Surfaces for their assistance on not-yet-junk.

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